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The Wooza iWeb site builder was designed to allow anyone to create a website that looked professional, but was easy to make. Although simple to use, our software offers many powerful web design features and flexibility to build a website including: Over 1000 design templates, SEO, Facebook integration, online contact form, and more!


No contracts

At Wooza we dont like hidden web design costs, contracts and paperwork - we are not into intimidating our customers hence, NO CONTRACTS. The Wooza iWeb package can be purchased on a month-to-month option or an annual option and can be cancelled with a single month's notice. 

Create a website

For R99 pm or R990 per year (2 months FREE) we will give you everything you need to create a website and maintain your very own web design and web presence including powerful site builder software, FREE domain registration, 5 custom email addresses, INCLUSIVE hosting, friendly support and MORE. 

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Technical talk converted to Wooza Talk!

Always wanted to create a website but just get so confused by all the technical jargon and the multitude of web design packages on the market today?  No problem!  We have provided some definitions for common website and site builder development terms and hope this will assist you when deciding on which product/service you require most.wooza_confusedreadmore


What our clients are saying

"Before I found Wooza I was receiving astronomical web design quotes to build a website - in the range of R5k to R15k! All I wanted was a simple web design, yet most companies wanted to sell me packages with "extra features" with a some hidden costs of course. With the Wooza' iWeb I couldn't believe how EASY and AFFORDABLE it was to build a website INSTANTLY! And the support has been unbelievable. Thanks Wooza!"

Chris Joseph, QCM, www.qcm.co.za